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Nipa Asharam

Life and health coach

Few of my favorite things are to wake up to a beach, collect experiences around the world, and ‘google’ just about everything that makes me curious! Born and brought up in Mumbai, I got my post-graduation in business management, spent 15 years in corporate world, developed skills in human behavior and learned that actionable goals can get one almost anywhere. Somewhere in-between chasing deadlines, learning new hobbies, discovering beautiful places, I did have a ‘360-degree’ transformation. I started to question things to find my own answers. It is scary and vulnerable to know that making some choices means a one-way road. But if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have found ‘me’ or my calling – as a certified, full time practicing health, wellness and life coach. My love to unfold human layers met my passion to shape and transform lives. My own story is my reason to believe its possible - Be it one’s health or dream or life.
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Why 'Health' Cannot Be A New Year

Why 'Health' Cannot Be A New Year Resolution

If we had to introduce a brand new day, New Year Resolution Day would be most welcomed! December conversations at bars, weddings, malls, coffee shops aren't complete without making a list of New Year...
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The One Fear That's Keeping You From Following Your XiXinXing via Getty Images

The One Fear That's Keeping You From Following Your Heart

I'm now in my 30s, and have accumulated a bunch of experiences in the journey so far. One tough move for me was to take the plunge and follow my calling. It took me a year or maybe more than that to finally do it. And every time in that one year, my little heart said just do it, my mind told the heart, speak when you're spoken to!
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How I Healed My Relationship With ThamKC via Getty Images

How I Healed My Relationship With Health

I spent years having a hectic relationship with health. In so many ways it can be compared with comprehending love! It's confusing, annoying, frustrating and usually leads to the same question --why can't I get through this? I started out as strong as ever but over time my relationship with health deteriorated and eventually I hit rock bottom with a completely destroyed immune system. It was while I was left picking up the pieces that I had an epiphany.
10/11/2015 8:13 AM IST