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Nikita Mandhani

Storyteller | Traveler | Multimedia Journalist

Nikita Mandhani is a multimedia journalist currently pursuing her masters in journalism from the Northwestern University. She is originally from Bhopal, India and has an undergrad in information technology. Nikita has covered a variety of text and video stories with a special emphasis on social justice, travel, culture and food. She hopes to bring the South Asian culture in the forefront through her work.
You Don’t Eat Beef? Are You A Hindu

You Don’t Eat Beef? Are You A Hindu Extremist?

At a lecture in the American Islamic College of Chicago last winter, I met a young Pakistani American. When I told him that I am an Indian and a Hindu, he asked me what I felt about Hindus killing Muslims over the consumption of beef. I didn't know what to say. Maybe I felt exactly what Muslims feel every time people ask them questions about ISIS and Al Qaeda, about 9/11 or the recent Orlando shootings.
15/07/2016 11:14 AM IST
Why My Father 'Disowned' Me For Two

Why My Father 'Disowned' Me For Two Years

When I was little, my father made sure that I had everything I wanted, from Naturo candy bars to colourful storybooks. Every night, we would sit for hours and talk about my day at school, his favourite Indian comedy shows or my fights with my brother.
25/05/2016 8:17 AM IST