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Nikhil Taneja is a writer-producer, who swears by Aaron Sorkin, Chandler Bing & Andaz Apna Apna, and thinks 'Taneja Main Hoon, Mark Idhar Hai' is a witty thing to say in a bio. An engineer by degree, he's so far created a sitcom, and produced a thriller and six TV films for MTV. He currently works at Yash Raj Films as a creative producer for Y-Films and teaches at Jai Hind College on weekends. He spends any remaining time watching movies and TV, or trying to write them. He can be stalked at @tanejamainhoon.
The 75 Most Awaited TV Series Of

The 75 Most Awaited TV Series Of 2016

The previous year gave us a taste of what is being called "Peak TV", with more great TV shows to watch than we could ever find time to, with streaming media jumping in to compete with cable TV channels. The greatest thing about 2016 is that not only are we going to get more great <em>fresh</em> shows, we'll also get exciting new seasons of returning shows that blew our minds in 2015.
21/01/2016 10:43 AM IST
The 100 Most Awaited Movies Of

The 100 Most Awaited Movies Of 2016

If you thought last year was spectacular for the movies with reboots of <em>Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Rocky</em> and sequels of <em>Avengers, James Bond, Mission Impossible</em>, trust me when I say this: 2015 stands pale in comparison to what 2016 has lined up for us.
14/01/2016 10:50 AM IST
Masaan Review: A Fine Film Packed With Fantastic

Masaan Review: A Fine Film Packed With Fantastic Performances

Masaan deserves to be watched because it is a rare film that holds a mirror to that deep-rooted ambition that runs through the pulse of this modern India: to break out of the boxes it's been holed into, to overcome the circumstances it was born into, to rise above the demarcations that were set in its outdated texts and its archaic traditions, and to have the liberty and choice to be whatever and whoever it needs to be... to not just live, but to truly be alive.
25/07/2015 2:48 PM IST