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Nidhi D. Bruce

Writer and Founder Editor of

Nidhi studied Psychology and Management and worked as a Researcher but is currently interning as a Parent to a pre-teen and a pre-schooler. After spluttering around the web as a Writer and Blogger for a decade, she founded - a website dedicated to the Person behind the Parent. 
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Melania, Michelle And The Fine Art Of Public Speaking

Two powerful women -- two very different speeches. One clearly has a lot to lose and a lot to win. It was a very important speech for Melania. Technically, Michelle didn't have anything to lose. And she has had spadefuls of experience doing this sort of thing. As a very tentative speaker myself, I was honestly more interested in seeing how Melania handled her speaking job. These are some of the things that I took away from watching and re-watching the two Ms speak.
27/07/2016 2:53 PM IST
Anindito Mukherjee / Reuters

Why The Aspiring Middle Class Lays Such A Premium On Private Education

Our driver Vinod and most of the domestic workers I have spoken to have no qualms about spending even half of what they earn on their children’s education. Which is what got me wondering -- why is our aspiring middle class willing to pay such a price premium for their kids' education in private schools? Here are some of the things that came up through the conversations that I had.
20/07/2016 2:02 PM IST