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Neha Bagaria

Mother, wife, and founder of JobsForHer

Neha Bagaria is a mother, wife, and founder of JobsForHer.
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Why Mothers Should Not Stop Earning Their Own Money

I didn't realize the power of financial independence until the day I stopped working and stopped earning. As long as my husband could support my and my family's needs, was it still important that I contribute to our monthly income too? Was it not contribution enough that I was tending to our family and taking care of all their non-financial needs? For lots of reasons, I started realizing that the answer to that question, for me, was no.
08/03/2016 8:11 AM IST
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Mommy Brain Drain: It's Never Too Late To Restart Your Career

Was it difficult to begin juggling work with spending time with my children and family? Of course, it was - but so was childbirth, and they both felt completely worth it. This personal journey opened my eyes to the accomplished and qualified women around me who stopped working for personal reasons such as marriage, motherhood or elderly care, and then never returned to the workforce. And so I founded JobsForHer on International Women's Day, March 2015.
21/04/2015 8:07 AM IST