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Nazia Erum

Founder, The Luxury Label

Serial re-inventor of the self. Mother to a baby, a few books and the brand The Luxury Label. Always ask: What's next?

What NOT To Do At The Times LitFest

The Times LitFest's flagship event unfolded in Mumbai over the past weekend. The three-day celebration of all things books borrowed a lot from the city it was placed in—Mumbai—and the hall...
08/12/2016 4:21 PM IST

What Not To Do At The Jaipur Literature Festival

Do not dismiss the fest as one for pseudo-intellects: If you attending, reading or writing about the Jaipur Lit Fest then you are as much a part of the 'pseudo-intellectuals' as you profess them to be. Admit it, some good stuff is happening out there, some good thought leaders are speaking there, and if nothing else then the place itself is inspiring many to pick up a book. Much needed in the times we live in.
26/01/2015 7:50 AM IST