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Nayantara Sabavala

Associate Director, Tata Trusts

Ms Sabavala began her career in advertising and after around eight years in this field made a career shift to the development sector. In the development sector she has worked for the most part with donor agencies. She started her development career with CRY (Child Rights and You) and briefly returned to Lintas, where she had previously worked in mainstream advertising, to set up a unit dedicated to public service communication work for the social sector, which now runs as a separate entity within the larger organisation.

Ms Sabavala joined the Tata Trusts in 1996 and led two five-year strategic plans during her tenure. In 2009, she took a break and worked for the next five years in an implementing agency in the education sector. She returned to the Tata Trusts in 2014 and now anchors the education and urban poverty and livelihoods portfolios. Her role includes strategy development; conceptualising, evolving and nurturing new institutional and programmatic initiatives as well as contributing towards the evolution and implementation of the programme, and project development norms and procedures.