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Natasha Puri

Marketing professional

Natasha Puri is a marketing professional with a crazy love for content and all things social. She is presently managing communications and social for two brands under Make My Trip and has over six years of work experience in various industries – from travel to IT to publishing and journalism. Her first love remains content in its many forms. When she’s not on Facebook/Twitter or LinkedIn, she can be found creating travel bucket lists, baking, writing or reading about women who inspire.
5 Lifelong Lessons From A Childhood Spent On The

5 Lifelong Lessons From A Childhood Spent On The Road

Nostalgia is tricky emotion. It is a feeling of sadness that stems from a happy once-upon-a-time. It is also where a lot of stories come from. And everyone knows travel and stories are two sides of the same coin. Ibn Batuta thought so too. I am extremely fortunate that my family laid the foundation for innumerable stories, most of which started with us in the back of a car…
22/07/2016 5:32 PM IST
The Best Way To Become

The Best Way To Become Nobody

We live in a world where you've got to <strong>a)</strong> be yourself, <strong>b)</strong> be different, <strong>c)</strong> be extraordinary. Whatever you do, you've got to be <em>somebody</em>. Run of the mill won't do. We're constantly searching for an identity. Something to latch on to. Something that defines us just a little bit more. A new tattoo maybe? A different hobby. A rare profession. A vacation to an off-beat place... And then somebody says to us -- you are nobody. And the world comes crashing down on us.
30/05/2016 8:26 AM IST
Why Won't Indian Parents Let Go Of Their Grown

Why Won't Indian Parents Let Go Of Their Grown Sons?

There is an unsaid oath that has been drilled into the mind of many men -- <em>duty, family, home, duty</em> resounds in their mind so that leaving "home" is never an option. Either you do your duty and stay with your parents or you let them down and "abandon" them. What a burden to bear!
10/05/2016 8:10 AM IST