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Nandini Chandra

Writer | Digital Evangelist | Mental Health Advocate

A writer by passion and a digital marketeer by profession. Sipping warm coffee, with a good book in my hand, and sitting by the balcony on a rainy afternoon, is my cocoon. I believe animals are better companions than humans. And a walk in a quiet forrest gives me solace.

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The Inheritance Of Suicide And The Beauty Of Endurance

I have inherited a lot of my father's traits, both physically and emotionally. I have inherited his sense of guilt, fear and worthlessness; he has left me his legacy of depression. For the longest time, I couldn't imagine what my father must have gone through when he took the final step. But in a terrifying way these days, I somehow can. Earlier I judged him for taking his own life. Now I both sympathize and empathize. And that is scary. Yet, I fight…
04/09/2016 1:07 PM IST
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The One Thing That Stopped Me From Following In My Father's Final Footsteps

On a cold winter night in Delhi, I start to get dressed for a journey. I put on my panties, and hook my bra. Next, I put on my jeans, brush some dirt off them; after all, I don't want to come across as someone untidy. I wear my shirt and button it down. I look at myself in the mirror. Not too shabby, I think to myself... I take a brown envelope out of the drawer. Inside I find the strip of sleeping pills I had bought three nights back.
07/07/2016 8:55 AM IST