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N R Mohanty

Director, JIMMC, Noida

I had my early education in Orissa and higher education at JNU, New Delhi. I was elected President of JNU Students' Union in 1982-83, defeating the established communist student groups for the first time in the JNUSU history.

After my JNU days, I became a journalist, worked with Times Of India for 10 years, with Hindustan Times for five years and India TV for two years. For the last eight years, I am serving as the Director of a media education Centre, JIMMC, at NOIDA, UP.
PUNIT PARANJPE via Getty Images

Dear Mr Rajan, No Wonder The Crony Capitalists Are Rooting For You

Why is it that the corporate class is backing you, Mr Rajan? The doyens of the business class say that you have made India proud, having been chosen as the world's best central banker of the year. They say that you have controlled inflation; that you have saved the Indian economy from the depredations of international volatility. But what the corporate class has left unsaid is that it wants you to continue because you have provided corrupt business houses protection from the long arms of the law.
03/06/2016 7:56 AM IST