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N. P.

Assistant Professor of English, St. Stephen's College, Delhi

Dramaturge and social commentator, Dr. N. P. Ashley is Assistant Professor of English at St. Stephen's College, Delhi. His areas of interest in research are youth culture, new historicism and performance studies. Along with theatre and research works, he is involved in social work for social empowerment and communal harmony in Kerala.

Tracing The Untouchability Of Appa Rao And The Death Of Rohith Vemula

Where does an administration, a vice-chancellor, get the courage to act with such impunity? What is the source of this "nothing will happen to me" surety, the demonstration of which is brazen and brutal? Does political immunity allow the head of an academic institution to go to such an extent? I have a story that might help us understand this source of absolute power. Memory as explanation, if you like.
29/03/2016 8:20 AM IST
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Why Counter Facebook Majoritarianism?

The intention of this post is not to suggest ways of dealing with majoritarians -- those who believe that being part of the majority in a certain domain allows them to dominate, oppress and exploit others -- on Facebook. Instead, I want to explore the policies of Facebook that facilitate majoritarianism of various kinds.
30/11/2015 9:09 AM IST

Why I, A Muslim, Hosted A Pork Dinner To Counter Religious Extremism

Despite being a Muslim and a non-pork eater for religious, personal and cultural reasons, my point was to give the militants a lesson in respecting and living with people with different faiths, food habits and cultural practices. The attention that my FB post got went beyond anything I had imagined. In addition to exultation, there were three other responses: warnings of danger that could come my way, a certain silence, and dismissals and scathing criticisms that I will answer here.
20/10/2015 8:18 AM IST