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Murad Nathani

Co-Founder & CEO – Slonkit

With an MBA from Duke University, U.S.A., Murad began his career as a Consultant with Bain & Company in New York. Most recently, he was a Principal based out of the Mumbai office of Bain and was also a senior member of the firm’s Asia-Pacific Financial Services practice. As the father of two daughters, he has always taken a keen interest in giving them the right upbringing and instilling the kind of values he felt his children would need in their life as adults.

Murad, who always fostered a dream of becoming a self-made entrepreneur, realized the opportunity of Slonkit through his learning as a consultant coupled with personal experiences as a parent. Slonkit was launched after a year of extensive research where he realized the topic of money management for children was hardly addressed. . Slonkit is the first of its kind money management tool that aims to become a guide for today’s digital savvy children, in terms of understanding and managing money.