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Mukesh Rawat


A freelance journalist hailing from the Kumaon Himalayas based in New Delhi.
Uttarakhand's Roads Of

Uttarakhand's Roads Of Ruin

A scientific and methodical approach towards road construction, drainage and vegetation can go a long way in solving the menace of road blocks in Uttarakhand. Three years after the Kedarnath disaster are we ready for a course correction?
05/07/2016 5:15 PM IST
Why India Owes Big Thanks To Chetan

Why India Owes Big Thanks To Chetan Bhagat

One may disagree with the views Bhagat expresses in his columns and other public forums. I myself, on most occasions, find it difficult to agree with him. However, it is perfectly possible for one to disagree with him and yet appreciate his positive contributions to the public space. Depriving him of this credit, which he has duly earned, would be criminal to say the least.
20/05/2016 8:30 AM IST
India's Neighbours And The Djinns Of ‘Incursion

India's Neighbours And The Djinns Of ‘Incursion Attempts'

When a territory is physically unoccupied and ambiguously marked--as the Aksai Chin region was--someone is definitely bound to occupy it. We witness these "incursion attempts" by China today because long back when the onus of guarding the said territory was on us, we chose to simply overlook it.
10/05/2016 6:18 PM IST