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Minniie Juneja

Business management consultant

A mindful being, conscious doer, artist, strategy management consultant & coach now following neuroscience, leadership, metal-health & change management trends.

Why Effective Cross-Cultural Communication Matters In Business

Do you know how many managers serving people across countries and continents fail to see the business challenges that stem from cultural differences? Many front-line managers and executives overlook the key fact that business learning does not always equate to culture learning. Just because someone has lived in multiple countries or speaks multiple languages does not necessarily mean they are able to cross-culturally communicate for advocacy, people management and leadership.
26/02/2016 1:49 PM IST

Five Videos That Prove Meditation Is The New Brain Medicine

With technological advancements, scientists in the West have been able to prove the mental and physical benefits of yoga and meditation. This really helps people like us coaching individuals to make use of mind-body remedies for health and fitness, while separating out associated religious, social or cultural nuances.
24/06/2015 8:19 AM IST
Sergiu Alistar/Flickr

Mood-Changing Wearable Gadgets? Choose Mindfully!

I recently read about an upcoming wearable technology that can play with your brain and alter your mood! This device allows the consumer to choose between "calm" and "energy" settings to stimulate two different mood states. Can wearable technologies hold the potential to unlock the power of your mind? If so, is it ethically or culturally appropriate for consumers to modify their behaviour using mind-altering gadgets?
01/03/2015 8:29 AM IST

No More Shame: Advice For The Man and Woman in Plane Molestation Case

I personally feel compassion for both the woman and man on that fateful flight. If I were at the scene and if I were given permission to do so, I would give a love-filled hug to the lady. Bravo, sweetheart! And I would also hold the hand of the gentleman, the gentleman who sinned, giving him chance to weep away his shame rather than bury it inside.
11/02/2015 8:07 AM IST