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Help Avtar Singh's Parents Cheer Him On At The Rio Olympics

From his small village in Punjab, Avtar Singh is headed to Rio. The force behind his success, Avtar says, is his parents. They mortgaged their house to help Avtar participate internationally. Their faith paid off and Avtar is the first Indian to represent India in Judo 90kg category at the Olympics. But so far, his parents have never seen him at a tournament, except on TV.
01/08/2016 5:54 PM IST
JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

5 Ways Of Raising Funds for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is indiscriminate in its choosing. Every year, 11,20,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in India. Almost half of this number succumbs to this disease, with only 30% of cancer patients being able to afford necessary treatment. Lack of funds often leads to hopelessness and many just give up. The need of the hour is to make the best of available resources.
08/02/2016 8:27 AM IST
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WATCH: How Chennai Volunteers Made 1.7 Lakh Food Boxes In 90 Hours

When the Chennai floods hit, restaurant owner Santosh decided to help by cooking a big batch of food for those in need. Word spread and volunteers began arriving in droves to help out. Together, working for straight 90 hours, they cooked, packed and distributed 1.7 lakh boxes of food. In the time when nothing seemed certain, these 300 people decided to choose hope and action. Watch their inspiring story in this short video.
01/02/2016 8:27 AM IST

OP Jaisha's Gunning For Olympics Gold, But Many Hurdles Face The Track Star

In 2000, the small town of Kalpetta held a race. One girl ran an 800-metre race barefoot and with no prior coaching. She completed it with a 100 metres lead. Fifteen years later, O P Jaisha broke the national record at the Mumbai Marathon, topping the previous 19-year-old record. She followed this up with breaking her own record at the World Athletics Championships, Beijing, qualifying for the Rio Olympics in 2016. She believes she can top her own record again. Yet, there are many odds stacked against her.
20/01/2016 8:22 AM IST

Bringing Out The Best In Specially-Abled Children

Anand was different from most children his age. The now eight year old suffers from autism and cerebral palsy. With his development affected, he was unable to walk or even stand by himself. It seemed he was destined to lead a life depending on others -- until V-Excel stepped in. Today, Anand is able to walk on his own. He has also started playing with toys and has even made a few friends! Anand's parents' joy knows no bounds.
19/12/2015 8:09 AM IST
VikramRaghuvanshi via Getty Images

The Voice Of A Rural Community May Fall Silent – Unless We Step In

Eleven-year-old Deepu went missing in Hoskote, 17km from his own village of Obalapura, Karnataka. He got lost in a crowd and his parents were unable to locate him. When Sarathi Jhalak, the local community radio station got involved, the community rallied together, and Deepu was found by listeners who decided not to ignore the young boy crying by the roadside. But now, Sarathi Jhalak struggles with a lack of funds and has gone off air temporarily.
13/12/2015 5:07 AM IST

How We Can Help Kashmiri Artisans Rebuild Their Lives After 2014 Floods

The 2014 floods in Kashmir caused widespread destruction and displacement. Among those still reeling from the after-effects are the artisan weavers of the state. With a bit of help, however, these skilled craftspeople can continue weaving their magic, and make us proud to wear the Make in India label.
31/08/2015 8:25 AM IST

How TISA Is Fighting To Empower People Who Stammer

Gaurav Dubey is not very different from anyone else you'd meet. Yet there is something a little different about him. He dreaded the first day of school and of college because standing up and introduc...
22/07/2015 3:14 PM IST

Warriors To Entrepreneurs: The Story Of Bhil Women

With the help and direction of Prayas, Sasili managed to cultivate vegetables. She reaped profits and, more importantly, her child's health improved. The fresh produce from farms such as her's was met with great demand and this slowly turned their lives around. The younger generation of the Bhil clan now receives education and mothers like Sasili are no longer apprehensive about their child's future.
09/06/2015 8:26 AM IST
Loic Bernard via Getty Images

The Unsung Heroes Of Everyday Life

Most of us have had moments such as these where we create temporary relationships. The chaiwala outside your workplace who will signal for a special tea when he sees you approaching his shop. The sweeper who asks you to pass when she sees you stop, and resumes work after you've crossed. The security guard who helps you kick-start your scooter during cold winter mornings. They may never have told you how hard their personal lives are, but they are always there to help you and society at large.
03/06/2015 8:35 AM IST

With Crowdfunding Nepal Has Helping Hands Across The World

It has been over two weeks after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook Nepal. With a broken economy, displaced citizens and aftershocks, Nepal's return to normalcy is predicted to be slow and hard. However, relief efforts from across the world are helping the Himalayan nation to bounce back.
24/05/2015 8:32 AM IST

Solar Bore-Well to Solve Water Problems of SECMOL University, Ladakh

Formed in 1988 to reform the educational system of Ladakh, SECMOL today creates opportunities for rural Ladakhi youth, and promotes sustainable living. Their aim is to help present and future generations of Ladakhis benefit from education and adopt a symbiotic relationship with their environment, stalling the impact of global warming and pollution on Ladakh's sensitively balanced ecosystem.
20/04/2015 8:12 AM IST

Life After Death Row: An Innocent Man's Struggles

In May 2014, the Supreme Court acquitted Adambhai as innocent. The judges "expressed anguish for the incompetence and perversity with which the investigating authorities had imposed grievous charges on an innocent man." Watch the video for Adambhai's true story on what life is like after death row.
14/04/2015 8:13 AM IST

These Adivasis Just Saw A Light Bulb For The First Time

The Santhals of West Bengal are part of a growing silent revolution sweeping rural and underprivileged India: one where rural communities have begun actively working to improve their lot. People have realised that handouts can last only so long, and governments take time to deliver.
09/04/2015 8:08 AM IST