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Meghna Pant

Author & Journalist

Meghna Pant is an award-winning Indian author and journalist. Her debut collection of short stories Happy Birthday (Random House India, 2013) was longlisted for the Frank O'Connor International Award 2014, the world's biggest short story prize. One And A Half Wife (Westland, 2012) – her debut novel – won the national Muse India Young Writer Award and was shortlisted for several other awards, including the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Meghna is also known for having abridged the world’s longest epic, The Mahabharata, into one hundred tweets that The Guardian (UK) quoted as ‘wonderfully descriptive and paced’. She has previously worked with Times Now, NDTV and Bloomberg-UTV.
What Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Taught

What Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Taught Me

In Singapore even a minor infraction carries mandatory punishment. Use an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot. Jail. Buy firecrackers. Jail. Download on torrents. Jail. Bungee jump. Jail. Gay. Jail. Graffiti. Jail. Agnostic. Jail. Atheist. Jail. Gather in groups of more than two after ten pm. Jail. Hug someone without their permission. Jail.
01/04/2015 8:14 AM IST
Art Attack: Comedians, Prepare To Be Killed For Your

Art Attack: Comedians, Prepare To Be Killed For Your Art

You know that being a funnyman is not always a barrel of laughs. You know that the AIB FIR is just the beginning. As comedy rises further in popularity, for every thousand people who laugh, one scrooge will decide to take offence. More FIRs will be lodged, more threats will arise, more Aamir Khan letters will be rebutted by Twinkle Khanna letters (who would've thought).
20/02/2015 8:23 AM IST