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Megh Amin

Editorial Head, Social Responsibility Forum, NMIMS Mumbai

Megh Amin is an MBA candidate by profession, engineer by passion and a writer by choice.
When he was a little boy, his brain suffered a chemical locha and instead of going out to play, he went to the school library to read. Which eventually gave way to writing. He currently also serves as Editorial Head at the Social Responsibility Forum of NMIMS Mumbai.
Punit Paranjpe / Reuters

12 Insights A Mumbai Local Train Wishes It Could Give You

The first train in India, built by the British, ran between Bori Bunder (today's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) and Thane in April, 1853. The journey also marked the birth of the Mumbai Suburban Railway offshoot. Hundred and sixty three years later, with so much experience tucked under her rusty wheels, the Mumbai Local has seen India's financial capital grow like no other. Imagine what would happen if she started speaking one fine day? What would she try to tell us?
05/05/2016 8:11 AM IST