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Manu Rishi Guptha

CEO of Niraamaya Business Group

Manu Rishi Guptha is currently the CEO of Niraamaya Business Group – The hospitality arm of Jupiter Capital. He holds an MBA from Warwick Business School and has over 20 years of experience in various sectors such as Hospitality, Finance, Casinos and Shipping. He has been instrumental in setting up unique projects which have been significant milestones in the Tourism Industry.

He set up an investment fund as a hobby, while still in college and ended up managing savings of his entire cohort and till date advises over 2 doz people in his inner circle on their investments. Stock Markets and Hospitality are his passion and comments on these 2 subjects voraciously.

He likes to simplify complex situations and comment on them. He believes in efficient market theory and combines the same with the philosophy of karma and destiny. In his initial years he was social and a party buff but has come to believe that one should invest time only on friends and relations that are for a lifetime – not for a season or a reason.

He lives in Bangalore with his wife Geetika and hates to eat out. As a couple they assume to have eaten a luxury meal out twice a month and religiously give that money away to charity or to someone in need.
7 Lessons For CEOs From Modi’s Highs And

7 Lessons For CEOs From Modi’s Highs And Lows

Modi must be the most loved and the most hated PM ever and his style of leadership and conduct leaves the corporate world with some valuable lessons on what to do and also what not to do.
15/08/2016 7:17 PM IST
Do Our Virtues Give Us A License For

Do Our Virtues Give Us A License For Corruption?

A recent study suggested that shoppers who bring reusable bags for their shopping tend to choose organic food. One green action led to another. However, the same people were <em>also</em> most likely to buy ice cream, chips, candy bars and cookies. These shoppers weren't replacing green items with junk. They were just adding junk to the cart. So, how might this apply to our executives and politicians?
09/07/2016 8:51 AM IST
Who's Afraid Of Raghuram

Who's Afraid Of Raghuram Rajan?

Once upon a time, there was a great manager in a great organization who did wonderfully well. He was there on the basis of his competence and past track record. His boss, though, was a typical Type A personality. He had a rags-to-riches progression to the top of the corporation, unhindered by his lack of education and propelled by his amazing statecraft. Unfortunately, this man could not tolerate being looked in the eye and challenged by his unwaveringly rational subordinate.
21/06/2016 8:29 AM IST
Donald Trump And Arvind Kejriwal Are More Alike Than You

Donald Trump And Arvind Kejriwal Are More Alike Than You Think

The expression "balls of steel" is common enough, but it rarely pops up during presidential campaigns. That is, until Donald Trump entered the race. Whether all the Republicans like it or not, it's pretty certain that Trump is the GOP nominee. His ascent holds some serious lessons for each and every one of us in the corporate world, but first I'd like to draw a parallel between him and our very own Arvind Kejriwal.
13/05/2016 12:59 PM IST
Greed, Deceit And Organisational Culture: Three Cautionary

Greed, Deceit And Organisational Culture: Three Cautionary Tales

At an extrinsic level the instances I describe might be viewed as isolated cases of individual unscrupulousness/failure/misplaced ambitions. But dig deeper and these stories are a reflection of an irreparable rot that has infested corporate culture. It's a world where irrational demands and insatiable expectations of abnormally high profits make people do things that are outside the bounds of propriety.
06/11/2015 2:32 PM IST
Focusing On Run Rates Will Make Losers Of Us

Focusing On Run Rates Will Make Losers Of Us All

Being a citizen of a country obsessed with cricket, the only run rate that I ever knew was the runs that a batsman makes per over - until I recently learnt that even businesses (read e-commerce enterprises) are getting discounted and valued on their run rates, defined by Investopedia as "how the financial performance of a company would look if you were to extrapolate current results out over a certain period of time." But there is another side to this story of how calculations based on "run rate" have brought the world to the precipice of destruction and collapse.
04/08/2015 8:08 AM IST
Why I Don't Need ‘Work-Life

Why I Don't Need ‘Work-Life Balance'

Every Sunday newspaper supplement invariably carries an interview of some CEO or a leader with an opinion on work-life balance and how this is so vital in today's busy world. The misanthrope in me gets amused. Work-life balance is not a verb or a task that's actionable. It's a state of mind. My position is that for any conscientious person who wants to achieve something for his employer (read the one who signs the cheques that feed your family), work should be life and life should be work...
28/07/2015 8:15 AM IST
Board To Death: The Story Of A Corporate

Board To Death: The Story Of A Corporate Demise

A mom and pop store tries to make it big by focusing on its customers and employees. It concentrates on providing value while cutting costs and aiming for superior sales and a respectable growth... After a few good consistent years, the board expands and so do reviewers of the business. These people have success under their belt in some domain or the other, but little or no expertise in retail. They do, however, have an unbelievable ability and capacity to opine and advise the CEO.
16/06/2015 8:20 AM IST
Martians, Modi And A Challenge For The

Martians, Modi And A Challenge For The PM

While a lot of columnists and senior journalists are busy writing the government's scorecard, discussing his performance in incomprehensible semantics, I want to give Modi a simple task...
30/05/2015 8:38 AM IST
BlackBerry And The Art Of Becoming Irrelevant In The Business

BlackBerry And The Art Of Becoming Irrelevant In The Business World

There was a time when owning a BB was associated with busy high-level corporate executives who always felt the need to be connected and have uninterrupted access to their e-mails while on the move. But when Android was taking over and becoming a preferred platform for mobile software, BB couldn't see the train coming head on and made three fundamental mistakes that have rendered it irrelevant forever.
27/05/2015 8:10 AM IST