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Mantra Roy

English and Humanities Librarian

I am an English and Humanities Librarian at a research university in Upstate New York. Reading and writing about India is an enduring passion ever since I have left my country. It has given me immense pleasure in watching how the plural identities of India play out in an international scene. My PhD in English and teaching career of seven years, my experience at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and my current experience as an academic librarian have informed my appreciation for my country.
The Endless Refrain For The Foreign-Returned: ‘We Have It In India

The Endless Refrain For The Foreign-Returned: ‘We Have It In India Too'

On one of my recent visits in India, I was desperate to eat "phuchka". While my father shook his head in dismay at the prospect of contracting digestive disorders, my mother laughed and encouraged me to seek out my friends for the adventure. Every phone call ended in disappointment. No one wanted phuchka or egg rolls or momos; instead, they came up with the best pizza and burger places in town.
10/07/2016 8:26 AM IST
Dear Overseas Indians, Don't Confine India To Your

Dear Overseas Indians, Don't Confine India To Your Imagination

When people leave their country for foreign shores, they carry with them an image of the country. Years later, when they return or visit their homeland, they often find a disconnect between the image of the country in their mind and the reality of it. How they respond to the gap between expectation and reality can make or break their bond with the friends and family they visit.
21/04/2016 8:27 AM IST
The Many Flavours Of Being

The Many Flavours Of Being Indian

Before leaving for the United States as a graduate student, I had never lived outside Kolkata. As a new graduate student in Florida, I experienced India's diversity for the first time. What I write next is my personal experience.
27/03/2016 9:00 AM IST