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Mansi Pal

Documentary photographer

Mansi is a backpacker of the mind and places, who believes in Angels, but is skeptical about God. When at a pit stop, she reads, clicks and drinks chai. She travels through her mind even when strapped to a desk job in social media marketing. Her favorite quote was, is and always will be, “Let’s go.” Of late, she has been traveling with her partner Nikhil and they write about their trips around the world to drink tea at the cheapest of shacks and the most unlikely of locations at See the world through her eyes in real time through her Instagram feed:
Juley, Ladakh! Vignettes Of Life From The Top Of The World

Juley, Ladakh! Vignettes Of Life From The Top Of The World [Photos]

Ladakh was always on my bucket list, for obvious reasons - the mighty Lower Himalayas, the pristine monasteries, the stark landscapes. However what touched me the most on this wondrous trip to Ladakh was its people. Simple yet shrouded in beautiful complexities, right from their faces to their lives, everything about these people is full of contrasts. I am sharing a few lives with you. Some real, and some fleshed out by my imagination.
17/10/2015 8:13 AM IST
A Traveller Can Never Be

A Traveller Can Never Be Lost

I am personally more uninhibited and more trustful when in faraway lands than the city I live in. That jump into the unpredictable lake, the most interesting hour-long conversation with a stranger, the hours of plucking dead grass without the support of a human being or the prison of a smartphone. We travel to experiment, to lose our inhibitions, to learn, to discover, to find ourselves. Tell me, how can one get lost when travelling?
16/02/2015 8:20 AM IST