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Manjulika Pramod

An Indian blogger who loves to dig in great food and unique experiences.

A creative combination of writer, blogger and engineer who loves to read, travel, explore and pick on new experiences.
Photoblog: My Adventures In

Photoblog: My Adventures In Oman

Steeped in heritage and culture, distinctive architecture, old customs and traditions, Oman's unspoilt landscape beckoned the traveller in me at almost every turn and I happily gave in. I caught my breath more than once as I found myself gazing upon forbidding mountain faces, deep ravines, rocky arches, dramatic canyons, hairpin bends and sinkholes. Without a doubt, Oman offered me a delightful mix of the entire travel troika: beaches, mountains and deserts.
25/05/2015 2:55 PM IST
Photoblog: Unfurling The Umbrellas Of Chiang

Photoblog: Unfurling The Umbrellas Of Chiang Mai

Northern Thailand is famous for its art and handicrafts and you know exactly why when you take a stroll down San Kamphaeng Road in Chiang Mai. Here you will find wooden handicrafts, silk, silverware, gem factories and, most unique of all, an umbrella-making centre. Thai oiled umbrellas are exclusively crafted here and they proudly make one of the symbols of Chiang Mai. Umbrella making at the Bo Sang Handicraft Centre has an inspiring story that is steeped in history and spirituality.
30/04/2015 8:08 AM IST