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Mainak Dhar


A cubicle dweller by day, a writer by night.

Mr. Dhar who believes that experiences majorly influence an author’s writing, says that his largely nomadic childhood, where adjusting to new places and friends every couple of years, first stoked his love for writing. Being thrown into new environments, surrounded by new faces served as an inspiration and opened up his mind to literature.

The Managing Director of General Mills, India and Amazon’s #1 bestselling author is all set to launch two of his new books namely, 03:02 and Brand Shastra.

His titles have been published by leading publishing houses like Penguin, Random House, Westland. His novels Herogiri and Alice In Deadland, are being adapted into a major motion picture and a Television series in the US, respectively.

The Basics Of Waging A Winning

The Basics Of Waging A Winning Insurgency

While my novel 03:02 focuses on a physical occupation by an enemy, I believe that certain core principles apply to any insurgency that challenges the status quo -- in any field. Whether it is changing the culture at a workplace, challenging a social evil, trying to overcome deep-rooted prejudices, the common theme is that there is some tyranny -- whether physical or that of ingrained habits and beliefs -- that needs to be overthrown.
20/07/2016 1:57 PM IST