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Mahesh Uppal

Director of Com First (India)

Dr Mahesh Uppal is the Director of Com First (India), a niche consultancy company based in Delhi that specializes in policy, regulation and strategy. Uppal frequently advises major national and global corporations, industry associations, international development agencies as well as government and civil society organizations. He has contributed to most major issues and debates in India’s communications sector. His articles and comments appear regularly in most mainstream media, major newspapers and magazines. He is routinely invited to comment on telecommunications and related issues by radio and television, in India and overseas. He can be reached by email at
Mandating US-Style Network Neutrality Makes Little Sense For

Mandating US-Style Network Neutrality Makes Little Sense For India

Unlike the US and major markets, India's network operators pay licence fees, running into billions of dollars to be able to offer telephony and SMS services which, Skype and WhatsApp offer free. US and Europe do not generally pay licence fees and the government does not collect a hefty share of operator revenues in fees.
09/04/2015 10:38 AM IST