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Madhulika Dash

Senior writer and a seasoned food appreciator

A senior writer and a seasoned food appreciator, Madhulika Dash writes on Indian restaurants and Indian cuisines across different platforms, including the recently concluded Food Story In Indian Express. She contributes to India Prespective and does a colum for Swarajya and Yahoo. She also has been on the food panel of MasterChef India Season 4.
Jiggs Uncle And The Making Of A Food

Jiggs Uncle And The Making Of A Food Writer

It was an Old Monk-y evening of December when the entire unit was called for an evening dine-out. It began as most such evenings did, and then you saw a line of ranks being formed as a blue turban made his way to the enclosure reserved for ladies and officers. In the habit of following my dad everywhere, I tugged his arm and asked, "Who is it?" He whispered, "Jiggs Kalra."
31/05/2015 8:15 AM IST