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Lokesh Malti Prakash

Freelance journalist, writer, translator and activist

Lokesh is a freelance journalist, writer, translator and activist based is Bhopal and is associated with All India Forum for Right to Education.
Welcome To The Suicide

Welcome To The Suicide Show

In the aftermath of farmer Gajendra Singh's suicide, we are witnessing a tragedy being transformed into a spectacle. A political and media spectacle where every image, every word and every stance is a readymade package for mass consumption, complete with mud-slinging, smear campaigns, promises, apologies and uncontrollable sobbing on live television.
29/04/2015 8:16 AM IST
Can The AAP Survive Its Own

Can The AAP Survive Its Own Contradictions?

This brings us to a complicated territory because the baggage of the AAP is like a real "Bhanumati ka pitara". Rummage and you will find elements from people's movements that have been long opposed to neoliberal policies on one hand, and those embedded in a neoliberal worldview on the other. So, there is Medha Patkar fighting against neoliberal appropriation of people's rights over jal-jungle-jameen and then there is also Arvind Kejriwal assuring industrialists that the AAP is not against capitalism as such but only against "crony capitalism".
12/02/2015 8:09 AM IST