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Leena is a Chartered Accountant (by accident) and a writer (by passion)! When she's not busy running around her little one, she's pouring her heart out here and on her blog www.blahblahofthemind.blogspot.com.
So, How Judgemental Are You? Try This Test To Find

So, How Judgemental Are You? Try This Test To Find Out

What if I started talking about Anu Aggarwal? You'd switch tabs to check other news, right? No news about her is breaking news. When she did the disappearing act in the 90s, I presumed (just like most of you Bollywood buffs, I'm sure) that there were no takers for her kind of acting prowess, or the lack of it. And then Ctrl+Alt+Del. And why am I blabbering about Ms Aggarwal today? Because the recent launch of her book triggered some nodes in my brain.
16/10/2015 10:46 AM IST
When It's Time To Parent A

When It's Time To Parent A Parent

A small emergency in your family, and it's as if somebody wakes you up from deep slumber. Yes, slumber. Because that's the state you are in if something's right in front of you but you've been too preoccupied to realise it. We tend to feel that old people being moved to old age homes are the only ones who are in need of our service. But the truth is that the old people in our own homes, grandparents or parents, also need our attention once they cross a particular age.
18/09/2015 8:27 AM IST