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Lavina Melwani

Writer - Lassi with Lavina; Co-founder, Children's Hope India

Lavina Melwani publishes Lassi with Lavina, an arts and society portal. A recipient of seven IPPIES and two New America media awards, Lavina has written on the arts and life for over 70 publications, including India Today, Hindu, Outlook and WSJ, and blogged for the Smithsonian. She is a co-founder of Children's Hope India. Follow her @lavinamelwani and Google +
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This Big, Fat Same-Sex Hindu Wedding Shows Love Really Does Win

Orlando is just the latest of so many challenges in our race- and gender-biased, homophobic world. Yet the wonderful love story of Dr. Aniruddhah Hazra and Dr. Neeral Kamlesh Sheth celebrates the way our world is slowly changing for the better. A decade ago this very public declaration of same-sex commitment and the legalization of it would have been impossible.
29/06/2016 8:26 AM IST