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Krishna Prasad

CEO and Co-founder of Mobmerry

Krishna Prasad co-founded Interaction One in 2013. Interaction One creates memorable digital experiences and operates at the intersection of Technology, Design and the art of User Behavior. Prior to taking up his role at Interaction One, Krishna Prasad worked at Dentsu from January 2011 as the Chief Experience Officer of The Dentsu India Group and helped setup the Dentsu Digital India business across Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Previously, Krishna Prasad worked at Microsoft for 8 years and in that time was the Executive Producer for MSN. He was instrumental in building up the MSN India business across content and services, during the time he also launched MSN Search, Videos, Local Language services and was also responsible for content partnerships and revenues. Before Microsoft, Krishna Prasad worked with as the project head, and Aditi Technologies. Krishna Prasad holds a Diploma in Engineering and an MBA in Marketing. Is a curious individual and passionate about new ideas and ways to integrate and simplify technology in daily life, he lives in Bangalore and winds down by meeting young entrepreneurs and spending time with family.
No Hassle, No Queues: How The Internet of Things Can Transform The Way You

No Hassle, No Queues: How The Internet of Things Can Transform The Way You Shop

Beacon technology is the disruptive technology that will bring about this 'Omni-channel customer experience'. It uses tiny battery-powered low energy Bluetooth devices that are installed across all sections of a store and even outside in the general shopping area. These devices communicate with each other and with apps on passing mobile devices. This communication leads to a richer in-store experience by informing passing shoppers about offers and sales personalised to their preferences.
01/03/2016 8:09 AM IST