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Krishna Kumar

Founder and CEO of Simplilearn

Krishna Kumar founded in 2009 and in the years following he has built the company into a leading global player in training for professional certification courses.

As the CEO of Simplilearn, Krishna is responsible for accelerating growth and driving new business opportunities for the organization’s integrated suite of e-learning courseware and services. His focus is on guiding end-to-end strategy to advance Simplilearn’s position in high-growth markets across the globe.

In a short span, his enterprise has trained over 400000 professionals across 150+ countries; earning its place in the spotlight.

As a leader, Krishna brings a rare combination of creative, analytical and operational skills. He believes in balancing technology with human interaction in delivering a world class learning experience. Under his leadership, the business has dramatically expanded across continents, enhancing its advance capabilities to impart learning solutions.
Krishna attributes much of his success to learning from his earlier entrepreneurial venture. Previously, Krishna was the Co-founder & COO of TechUnified – a software product business for enterprise customers, which he exited successfully in 2007 by selling it to a listed company. Prior to the acquisition, TechUnified was known for its best-in-class products in areas of mobile banking, voice banking and telecom self-care.

Krishna began his career as a software engineer with Infosys. He earned his engineering degree from NIT, Suratkal. Apart from exploring his entrepreneurial skills, Krishna is fond of athletics, is interested in reading books of all genres and has a passion for teaching and learning.
A Realistic Approach To Online Learning Could Do Wonders For Skilling

A Realistic Approach To Online Learning Could Do Wonders For Skilling India

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From Takshashila To Bengaluru: Transforming Education In India

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Why Mobile Technology Is A Game-Changer For Learning

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