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A portal where a child can discover his/her passion.

A one-stop-solution to finding the best possible program, afterschool activity, tutor or coach in your vicinity. The idea of the portal is to help parents and kids make smarter decisions by finding the right avenue to engage them in academics, extracurricular activities, workshops, hobby classes and events.
7 Effective Ways To Promote Positive Behavior In Your

7 Effective Ways To Promote Positive Behavior In Your Children

Nobody likes a badly behaved child. Before I became a mother, I was quick to judge when children threw tantrums or when they were rude and bossy. As a mum, I have come to realise that a child's behaviour is shaped by numerous factors. Here are some ways to encourage positive behaviour in your children.
14/03/2016 8:18 AM IST
5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Women's

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Women's Day

Most of us are aware that International Women's Day honours the lives, achievements, efforts and struggles of women across the world. It's a time for us to remember the brave women who made it possible for us to claim an equal status in society. There's a lot to celebrate and we women should take advantage of this day as an opportunity to assert ourselves and have a bit of fun along the way. Here are a few suggestions.
08/03/2016 8:12 AM IST