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Kiran Sawhney

Qualified fitness professional, tango teacher, professional fashion blogger

Kiran Sawhney is a qualified fitness professional. She is the founder of Fitnesolution. She also teaches Argetine Tango at New Delhi Tango and Delhi Milonga. She also writes a lifestyle and fashion blog. Follow her on Instagram.
10 Squats For A Firm Butt And Toned

10 Squats For A Firm Butt And Toned Thighs

Squats are extremely effective in toning and strengthening the muscles of the legs, thighs and hips. There are many variations of squats and you can use different types of equipment to make your routine more challenging. Here are 10 types of squats that do the trick for me.
02/02/2016 8:37 AM IST
Try Facial Yoga To Look

Try Facial Yoga To Look Younger

Facial yoga can iron out those tension lines around the eyebrows, forehead, lips and jaw and give you a natural facelift. It is super-helpful in getting rid of that double chin, bringing more definition to your cheekbones and giving you that contoured jaw line. The face definitely looks brighter and younger. Here is a step-by-step guide to one of my most popular facial exercise routines.
20/07/2015 1:17 PM IST
The True Meaning Of

The True Meaning Of Yoga

Yoga means union of individual consciousness or soul with universal consciousness or spirit. Yoga is not just physical exercise or postures and <em>asanas</em>. In fact, that is a very superficial aspect of this deeper and profound knowledge about unfolding unlimited potentials of the human mind and soul.
03/07/2015 2:48 PM IST
Winters: Time To Put On Weight Or To Lose

Winters: Time To Put On Weight Or To Lose Weight?

Why do people blame winters for weight gain? I believe it is a good season for weight loss so that when summers arrive, and your layers of clothes come off, you can flaunt your beach body and those flat and toned abs.
26/01/2015 7:50 AM IST
6 New Forms Of

6 New Forms Of Fitness

Every year, new forms of fitness become a rage. These are incorporated after a lot of research and they are not a fad. They add a new dimension of challenge to our existing workout.
08/01/2015 8:17 AM IST