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Kiran Batni

Author, political commentator.


Understanding Paris: Terrorism And Its Provocations

When we're not ready to see our own role in our misfortunes, we end up pointing a finger at all sorts of entities. Therefore, 'Islam', 'religion', even 'Islamic civilisation' are blamed for these attacks. The last of these is used by those who think these are attacks on 'western civilisation', the concept of 'freedom', etc. Such analysts seem to realise that the violent attacks in question target not one particular nation-state but something intangible that links all the nation-states of the West. There is truth in this viewpoint.
17/11/2015 8:42 AM IST
Yuji Sakai via Getty Images

We, The People, Became Independent In 1947. Not The Judiciary

The people need to have control over the judiciary and nobody can deny it. What's so sacrosanct about it, anyway? After all, it's a machine with human parts interpreting a book mostly written by the British and amended here and there by Indians. Everything in the Constitution of India can and must be questioned by every generation of Indians. It's a fundamental right whether or not it's endorsed in the book, and we shall have it.
22/10/2015 8:34 AM IST

Why People Say Sanskrit is the Mother of Kannada And Why They Are Wrong

It's quite common to bump into people who think it is, but Kannada is not a derivative, a simplification, a corruption, or in short, a daughter of Sanskrit. Based on etymological and grammatical considerations, linguists place Kannada and Sanskrit in two separate language families, viz., Dravidian and Indo-Aryan. If this is the case, why are people misinformed? What prompts even educated Kannadigas to wrongly claim that Sanskrit is the mother of Kannada? There are four main reasons.
16/02/2015 9:11 AM IST