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Khushboo Thadani

Nutrition Specialist

Khushboo is a qualified Nutrition Specialist & runs a nutritional consulting business called K Weigh. She work with clients both in India and globally to help them achieve a higher quality of life through good nutrition. Khushboo also regularly posts about nutrition & fitness on her healthy living blog ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>).
Don't Swallow All The Nutrition Advice You

Don't Swallow All The Nutrition Advice You Get

In this day and age when so much information about food and nutrition is freely available, suddenly everyone is an expert. As a nutrition specialist, it often makes me laugh (and sometimes even cringe) to hear some of the myths which are perpetuated. Since the first step towards achieving your goals effectively is to differentiate the facts from misinterpreted and false claims, here are some tips to get you started.
15/04/2016 8:19 AM IST
Why The Scales Don't Always Tell The Truth About Your

Why The Scales Don't Always Tell The Truth About Your Weight

Since setting up my own nutrition consulting business, I've worked with more 300 men and women to help them achieve their weight loss targets. While everyone's diet is unique and tailored to individual needs, there's one common issue that continues to arise: prioritizing the weighing scale as an indicator of progress.
07/03/2016 8:21 AM IST
5 Healthy Eating Trends To Look Forward To In

5 Healthy Eating Trends To Look Forward To In 2016

Every year brings with it its own trends for healthy eating. While 2015 welcomed the likes of bone broth and matcha everything, 2016 is sure to bring in some healthy deliciousness too. In anticipation to see how it all pans out, here are a few of my personal predictions for healthy eating trends in the coming year:
01/01/2016 9:26 AM IST
5 Ways To Make 2016 Your Lightest Year

5 Ways To Make 2016 Your Lightest Year Yet

As we wrap up 2015 and open our arms to 2016, we are filled with optimism and motivation to make it our best year yet. While health-related resolutions tend to be the norm, it's important that such goals go beyond achieving a certain number on the scale.
16/12/2015 8:07 AM IST
4 Inexpensive ‘Superfoods' That Never Get The

4 Inexpensive ‘Superfoods' That Never Get The Limelight

In the last couple of years, the term "<em>superfood</em>" has gained increasing amounts of popularity. Trendy products like acai, wheatgrass, kefir and goji berries promise health, wellness and extreme weight loss. Consequently, companies bank on these exaggerated claims by slapping on a hefty price tag. So before you shell out your hard-earned cash on trendy overpriced foods, go back to the basics and stock up on ingredients that tend to be overlooked despite their impressive nutritional content.
23/11/2015 9:53 AM IST
Dear Nicole Arbour, Here's The Truth About Fat

Dear Nicole Arbour, Here's The Truth About Fat Shaming

Your video "Dear Fat People" recently went viral, and even lost you a film job. While I am sure you are a lovely person, it's a shame I can't say the same about your video. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and while you had no qualms about sharing yours, I thought it's time I share mine. As a former "fat" person, I have a few areas of concern I wanted to address...
17/09/2015 8:06 AM IST
My Body Is Amazing And So Is

My Body Is Amazing And So Is Yours

Like most women, I've spent so many years focusing on parts of my body that I wish I could change. I've experimented with my diet plenty, overtrained, compromised on sleep, eaten the bare minimum number of calories and basically tested my body to its limits. Without realising it, I've put my body under a lot of stress over the years to reach a certain aesthetic.
23/05/2015 8:29 AM IST
6 Ways To Upgrade Your Morning

6 Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

A healthy morning almost always guarantees a healthier day. Even if you are more of a "night owl", there's no reason why you can't make your mornings count. A few tweaks are enough to upgrade your morning routine to help you achieve a healthier, more energised and determined version of yourself... even before you head out to work.
02/04/2015 8:15 AM IST
6 Healthy Foods That Aren't So

6 Healthy Foods That Aren't So Healthy

Eating healthy but not seeing results? Chances are the foods you are eating aren't as healthy as you think they are. After years of conditioning, we almost instantly associate words like <em>light</em>, <em>yogurt</em> and <em>low-fat</em> with being the healthier option. While that certainly can be the case, these terms can mislead us. To ensure your next grocery haul truly is healthy, I've listed a few of the common culprits.
13/03/2015 8:27 AM IST
An Ode To Oats: 7 Awesome

An Ode To Oats: 7 Awesome Recipes

While the mention of oats may conjure up memories of the watery porridge that your mom used to force-feed you while you begged for Coco Pops, fortunately there's no longer a reason to eat bland-tasting preparations.
23/02/2015 8:15 AM IST
A Banana A

A Banana A Day...

It actually makes me sad when people throw out phrases like 'bananas are too fattening', or 'they contain too much sugar' or 'I am indulging in a banana'. Come on guys: when a food is all-natural, grown on this earth, undergoes NO processing, and packs-in a number of vitamins and minerals, chances are it's going to contain some, if not plenty of, merit.
06/02/2015 8:24 AM IST
Superfood Shopping In

Superfood Shopping In India

Oh how much easier it would be to eat healthy if we had such innovative healthy options available! Fortunately we <em>do</em> have a huge variety available to us. The only difference is that they aren't marketed as being 'healthy' or covered in buzzwords like 'paleo-friendly' or 'vegan'. If you want to nourish your body, look no further than your local grocer:
26/01/2015 7:38 AM IST
7 Ways To Start 2015 On A Healthy

7 Ways To Start 2015 On A Healthy Note

While the idea of a complete overhaul to our health can be daunting, we can take comfort in the fact that it's the small tweaks that add up to staggering long-term results.
09/01/2015 8:10 AM IST