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We're Asia's most visited crowdfunding platform. We raise funds for personal, social as well as creative causes.

Ketto is your Key to Tomorrow

The key that empowers you to believe in yourself, your dreams and turn them into reality.

Hi, we are India’s largest crowdfunding platform to raise funds for social, educational, charitable causes, technical, creative projects and entrepreneurial ventures in India.

Our Journey

It was fate that led Varun Sheth, Kunal Kapoor and Zaheer Adenwala to join forces and launch Ketto on August 15th 2012. When actor Kunal Kapoor noticed the challenges NGOs repeatedly face while fundraising, he along with finance professional Varun Sheth and technology professional Zaheer Adenwala keenly observed the business of social causes and mulled over the possibilities of moving the fundraising model online. When this trio's paths crossed, ideas flowed and Ketto was born, heralding the future of fundraising.

What began as an engine for charities to fundraise efficiently became a platform for anyone to fundraise in support of NGOs, creative, technical projects, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Today, Ketto is not just a fundraising platform for social causes. It is a tool of and for empowerment. It is the key to a better tomorrow. With this in heart, Ketto has now created a space for creative projects to get funded. Because every good cause deserves support.

Our Vision

The founders’ vision for Ketto has been to make the idea of crowdfunding a cool, simple, reliable, safe and easy way of raising funds; to make it a one-stop solution for NGOs, individuals and corporates to garner support from backers across the globe.

Five years down the line we aim at establishing ourselves by contributing over 50% of total funds raised worldwide. We want to change the mindset associated with fundraising. People think it is complicated and difficult. We want them to see that it is fun, easy and accessible instead: all it requires is just a click of a button to make payments on Ketto.

Ketto foresees partnership with large organizations to help channel their Corporate Social Responsibility funds in the right direction. In addition, we aim at extending our reach to cater the individuals seeking funds to bring their creative projects to life.
This Man Gave Octogenarian Tara Balgopal A Reason To Dance

This Man Gave Octogenarian Tara Balgopal A Reason To Dance Again

Most of us are familiar with the story of Tara Balgopal. She was once one of India's most celebrated danseuses; at one point, the government even issued a stamp in her honour. Unfortunately, fate conspired against the once-feted dancer and she had all but resigned herself to living her twilight years in a dilapidated house, with no savings to speak of. However, starting with one man's initiative, Taraji's quality of life took a 180-degree turn.
28/03/2016 8:15 AM IST