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Kena Shree

Writer, Blogger, Artist, Trained Singer, Co-founder of Manrav (NGO), HR Professional and Speaker, Winner #TOIWriteIndia

Kena is a Human Resource professional, speaker and corporate storyteller. She is also the Co-founder of “Manrav Foundation”, an NGO for elderly care. An ardent reader, writer, argumentative nerd, dreamer-makebeliever, she has an in-suppressible desire to keep expressing, whether through dance, drama, painting, singing, oratory, writing/blogging. She has tried her hands at a dash of ‘everything’ and hopes that the reader finds ‘something’ in her ‘everything’. She is also the winner of the prestigious TOI Write India campaign.
Smitten With Sonam

Smitten With Sonam Gupta

As the year draws to an end, various polls are surfacing virtually every other day. One of the most entertaining results
18/12/2016 11:36 PM IST
20 Signs That You Don't Give A Hoot About

20 Signs That You Don't Give A Hoot About Fashion

To a woman who is a fashionista, my wardrobe might look a tad boring. That does not mean that my lifestyle is! In my growing up years, between books, hobbies, friends, family, a budding career and carefree chortles, everything else seemed to get into order except a stylish closet. Here's a teeny-weeny list of 20 things that indicate you might, like me, be a person with a "minimalist" taste in fashion.
29/05/2016 12:58 AM IST
30 Things That Show You're A Woman In Her

30 Things That Show You're A Woman In Her 30s

The other day, as I took stock of my preferences and peeves, I ended up jotting this list of 30 things that to me indicated that I had truly arrived, mentally and physically, into my 30s. Have you too? Use this checklist to find out!
22/12/2015 1:01 PM IST
Why I Love Durga Puja Even Though I'm Not

Why I Love Durga Puja Even Though I'm Not Bengali

While some non-Bengali parents planned foreign vacations during this time of year, my parents wisely made it a point to make us experience every bit of the festival, year after year, in a manner no less than a Bengali would. My allegiance to the festival thus started.
19/10/2015 8:06 AM IST
Is It A Toilet? Is It A Canvas? Is It A Dating

Is It A Toilet? Is It A Canvas? Is It A Dating Site?

The moment you enter an old monument, somewhere in the corner of the entrance you will spot welcoming graffiti carved on the wall by a former visitor. Most likely, the graffiti will be a proclamation of profound love for his sweetheart, often in the form of a heart pierced with Cupid's arrow etched with the names of our very own Romeo-Juliet, or perhaps excerpts from an open love letter mostly ending with "I luv U". At times, you might discover a tourist's knowledge of human anatomy, especially genitalia.
20/05/2015 8:07 AM IST
Why I Am Proud To Be A Tea

Why I Am Proud To Be A Tea Addict

For some, the most magical properties of the drink appear in its perfect <em>timing </em> and <em>temperature</em>. I remember my grandmother driving the whole house crazy if she wasn't served tea on time and piping hot, along with a Hindi national daily. If this ritual failed, her bowels would revolt and she'd be quite incapable of producing a satisfactory movement. Tea was probably the only laxative she knew of in her entire life.
13/04/2015 8:08 AM IST
The Unholy Side Of

The Unholy Side Of Holi

I'm rather a Holi fan. It's a lovely feeling to play colours (organic, of course!) with your loved ones, to collect in a posh colony's garden, rain dance to the latest beats, wine-dine together and give each other hugs of gulal. However, one metre beyond the walls of our apartment gate, the scene is little less wholesome.
06/03/2015 8:24 AM IST