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Kartik Kaushik

Sales Director for a leading media Company

A seasoned corporate professional, experienced in heading multiple senior leadership roles over a period of time, specialising in consumer goods, and media industry. Worked with the top multinational companies in India. Currently, working for the world’s largest media and entertainment company, based out of Mumbai.

An avid writer and commentator on current affairs, politics, business insights, and key social issues affecting the society at large.

Also, a passionate runner, having participated in four half marathons' in Delhi and Mumbai.
The World Order Is Changing, And

The World Order Is Changing, And How

In the meanwhile, for West, it means living life on the edge, constantly looking over their shoulders, tighten security, screen and weed out illegal immigrants, and try to make peace with the adversary, without compromising on the basic fundamental rights and principles, which have stood the test of time.
19/01/2015 8:20 AM IST
India's Wonky

India's Wonky Judiciary

There are millions and millions of unsolved cases pending at all levels of courts, all across the country, with just dates being handed out as next steps. Under trials have spent more time in jail waiting for the trail to start, than they would have otherwise spent, had a judgment been passed.
19/12/2014 8:01 AM IST