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Kartik Johari

Vice President, Marketing and Commerce, Nobel Hygiene

Kartik Johari is the Vice President of Marketing and Commerce at Nobel Hygiene, one of the leading disposable hygiene care products manufacturers in the country. Pioneers and undisputed leaders in the adult diapers space, they have launched ‘Friends’. Established in 2000, Nobel Hygiene is India’s only diaper manufacturing company with an expertise to manufacture both adult and baby diapers. With over 7 years of experience in the marketing and sales sphere, Kartik is an MBA from the Katz School of Business in University of Pittsburgh and comes with an in-depth understanding of the field. Kartik founded Fliplynk in the Unites States, an Application Programming Interface (API) that re-envisions what it means to support your causes online.  As the co-founder and CEO at Fliplynk, he was referred to as the Strategy-Person, the Pitch-Giver, the Design-Creator, the Content-Writer, and the Philosophy-Mumbler and drove Fliplynk to get into the 5th best incubator on the planet – AlphaLabs. He then worked as a Marketing Specialist at Directi Pvt. Ltd. where his role required him to liaise between channel partners and the product management team to facilitate the successful launch of new products and features. At Nobel Hygiene, his role consists on tying together the various facets of the company and to increase efficiencies in functioning across different verticals. He is also directly in charge of marketing and advertising activities, along with overseeing activities made in branding and packaging. From an early age, Kartik has been entwined in business and sees himself as the grease in the cogs, currently learning the scaling of companies in India and driving ground level sales. He is a voracious reader and claims to be an even more voracious cookie eater. According to Kartik, India's burgeoning population, rising disposable income and a growing middle class, Nobel Hygiene is perfectly positioned to be an industry leader; making world-class products for an ever-rising demand.