Karthik Subramanian


Karthik Subramanian is a journalist from Chennai with over 17 years of experience. He started his career as a beat reporter for the evening daily News Today and has worked with the dailies New Indian Express and The Hindu. His longest stint was with Kasturi and Sons, the publishers of The Hindu, where he had the rare distinction of being the editor for the tabloid Ergo, which he established and ran from December 2007 to July 2009. He was the Deputy City for The Hindu in Chennai and also helped relaunch their editionwise social media strategy 'Hindu Connect' before taking a break in March 2015. He is currently on a year-long sabbatical and nurtures ambitions of having his own startup. He blogs on cinema, Tamil ICT and all things Chennai, and is keen on giving shape to an "immersive story-telling" concept on the Web. Follow him on Twitter at @chennaikat
How Is 'Papanasam' Different From The Original

How Is 'Papanasam' Different From The Original 'Drishyam'?

Many reviewers, recounting purely from their memory, have said <em>Papanasam</em> stays true to the original. Even I wrote that ​on my blog, but after watching it again just now, I have to say there are more differences that I had originally thought.
07/07/2015 3:07 PM IST