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Karthik Shashidhar

Freelance Quant and management consultant

Karthik Shashidhar is a freelance Quant and management consultant, based in Bangalore. He is also Adjunct Faculty at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Resident Quant at the Takshashila Institution (a public policy think tank) and columnist for Mint.
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Living With ADHD: My Formula To Sidestep My Brain's Algorithms

That ADHD is a spectrum disorder also means that it is hard for people to understand. The most common reaction when I explain my condition to someone is "but I go through such things, too. These things are normal". The difference between a person with ADHD and the average person is not that there are symptoms that only affect the former - it is the extent and frequency with which some symptoms affect them.
09/10/2015 11:14 PM IST