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Karishma Walia

Artist and writer

I am from New Delhi with an academic on Literature and International Relations. My favourite jobs were with McKinsey and Co. and the Penguin Group, until I became a mom of a gorgeous Son. love cooking healthy recipes, but am not strictly anything when it comes to what I eat.

In between delicious meals I like to reflect on the art of living and strive for a healthy balance in mind and body. I write about whatever catches my fancy and what is most important in my life.
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How We Made Our Childhood Romance Survive

When you are in a new relationship you don't imagine a day when you will be able to write about your feelings objectively. But 16 years later you realize you can, and it's liberating and romantic all at the same time. I wanted to think about what I learnt about relationships, and how my other relationships can benefit from my learning. But most importantly, I wanted to know what to teach my son if he ever asks for relationship advice.
03/10/2015 12:18 AM IST