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Karishma Sinha

Marketer working in business development and planning

Karishma Sinha, a marketer with over a decade of experience working in business development, and planning in US, India, Hong Kong and SE Asia. She has an MBA Marketing from Duke University, and a HR Degree from India. She is a people connector, and very passionate about using digital strategies, social outreach, and web 2.0 technologies to make a difference, and train young women employees to stay productive, while leading projects.
Transformation Today, To Revitalise Women Of

Transformation Today, To Revitalise Women Of Tomorrow

As a digital marketer, I feel strongly that there is more power that rests in hands of business, agencies, and marketers to infuse utility and create online forums to empower women, and make them take faster decisions.
18/12/2014 7:44 AM IST