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Karan Dave

Content strategist, Peerbits

Karan Dave is a content strategist and a technical wordsmith with <a href="" rel="nofollow">Peerbits</a>, a mobile app development company. He has blended his interests in technology with the writing capabilities to provide resourceful information for global audiences. <br> <br> During his occasional escapes to The Himalayas, he likes to transverse himself from being a technocrat to a tech-free nomad.
How Chatbots Are Spelling Out The Future Of Messenger

How Chatbots Are Spelling Out The Future Of Messenger Apps

Chatbots are AI-driven computer virtual chat agents that interact with users by mimicking human conversations; they are deployed in messenger apps where they solve textual queries initiated by end-users. Research indicates that people are using messaging apps more than social media, so there is vast scope of success for chatbots. There is even a significant rise in the use of messaging apps to strike up conversations with potential businesses or consumers -- a phenomenon called conversational commerce.
01/08/2016 12:57 PM IST