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Karan Bhardwaj


I have been a print journalist for over eight years. I have worked with newspapers, The Statesman and The Pioneer. Now, I work as a freelance journalist for magazines and websites. I am also the founder of, a portal on popular culture.
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‘Moral Policing Is Not The Job Of The Censor Board': Leela Samson

Anurag Kashyap's ongoing battle against the Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani over his latest movie Udta Punjab has exposed yet again how easily films fall prey to politics, and that there's constant moral policing from the entertainment watchdog. spoke exclusively to Leela Samson, former chief of the CBFC, about the Board's style of functioning, the growing banning culture in films and on whether the Shyam Benegal-headed committee instituted to revamp the CBFC will be able to rewrite the censorship rules.
09/06/2016 12:22 PM IST
Tanmay Bhat/Facebook

Why Is Kapil Sharma A Hero And Tanmay Bhat A Villain?

One question has kept me puzzled ever since controversy erupted around Tanmay Bhat's spoof on Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar. What has Bhat done in his latest video that India's beloved comedian Kapil Sharma doesn't do every weekend? Insulting women with derogatory remarks, assassinating his co-actors' characters, body- and age-shaming, mocking human sentiments, spoofing legends and spewing double entendres have made him one of the biggest superstars of Indian television.
30/05/2016 6:51 PM IST
Robin Little via Getty Images

Dear Arijit Singh, Your Grovelling Apology To Salman Is An Insult To Your Talent

Tell me, what is the role of Salman Khan in your career? Is he your godfather? Do you owe your career to him? Did he train your vocals? What is his contribution to your list of hit tracks? How many songs have you sung for Salman that turned into chartbusters? We know the answers to all these questions. You're a self-made guy who stitched his career using the threads of rejections and challenges.
26/05/2016 4:34 PM IST
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

What Anupam Kher Should Learn From MS Dhoni About Responsible Brand Endorsement

Just this month, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni called off his deal with real-estate group Amrapali as their brand ambassador. Reason: the miffed residents of realtor's Sapphire project in Noida launched a campaign on social media requesting the cricketer to either disassociate himself from the brand or ask them to complete the pending work as promised. Dhoni set the right example by dumping the brand and also assuring people that he'd take up the matter with the company. Now, take the conduct of Anupam Kher...
26/04/2016 8:34 AM IST