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Kalki Koechlin

Actor, writer, director, artist types

Actor, writer, director, artist types.
A Message For Youth

A Message For Youth India

I like this new India. This Youth India. That fights for its rights. That doesn't let the ghosts of past traditions dictate its worldview. This Independence Day I wanted to give this Youth India some credit for growing all by itself. And if there is any wisdom to impart to it at my ripe old age of barely 31, then kids, listen up, this is for you.
15/08/2015 7:45 AM IST
Margarita With A Straw: My 60 Days Of Being

Margarita With A Straw: My 60 Days Of Being Laila

These clothes. When I get back to Bombay I'm going to ask Neharika Bhasin where the hell she got these clothes. They must have been donated by the welfare for sisters who plan on never getting laid ever. I get it, Laila can't have cool clothes, but why is practical clothing synonymous with look-how-badly-I-can-dress?
19/04/2015 8:58 AM IST