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Jyoti Punwani


Jyoti Punwani is a Mumbai-based journalist who writes on minority issues. She covered the Srikrishna Commission proceedings and the aftermath of Mumbai's 92-93 riots extensively.
Yakub Memon And Selective

Yakub Memon And Selective Justice

With the execution of the only man sentenced to death for the 12 March 1993 Mumbai blasts, the families of the 257 victims, as well as those who were injured, must feel some sense of having got justice. Some victims of the 1993 blasts have lamented that 22 years is too long a wait for justice. It is. But there are others too in their city who've waited that long, and still not got justice - the victims of the December 1992- January 1993 Mumbai riots.
11/08/2015 8:12 AM IST