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Jyothi Mahajan

Content marketer

I’m an MBA graduate and a content marketer by profession, with a passion for blogging. Writing to me, is a voice of the heart. I like to bring out the deeper, subtler, unacknowledged emotions in people with my pieces. I am a simple woman with deep thoughts. My blogs can be read at
I Am The Grandma In The

I Am The Grandma In The Summers

Although seeing the children play inspired me to get more involved, I, frankly, couldn't be a kid anymore. I was just too grown up, logical, rational. Suddenly, the proverbial lightbulb went on over my head. I could almost feel the aura of enlightenment around myself. It was crystal clear what I had to do.
06/06/2016 8:40 AM IST
I Cannot Forgive You,

I Cannot Forgive You, Mom

You've always been mean to me, Mom. I vividly remember that day when I played so hard in the hot sun. I think I was about 7 years old. With love filled in my heart, I came running home to hug you, thinking you would serve me food. Instead, you snapped at me and told me to serve myself. I was so hurt, Mom.
21/05/2016 8:11 AM IST