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Joshua Karunakaran


Joshua Karunakaran is a content consultant and writer. His articles and theater reviews have been featured in <em>The Economic and Political Weekly, The Hindu, The Wire</em> and other publications. His hobbies include travelling and classic rock music. He is a marathon runner and holds a black belt in Karate. <br> <br> He blogs at
Why I Cannot Love India

Why I Cannot Love India Unconditionally

I don't believe any nation is infallible. Blindly supporting India and refraining from criticism and debate undermines human intelligence and reduces us to a bunch of unimaginative, sentimental sheep.
19/04/2016 8:12 AM IST
Why We Need To Stop Blaming Muslims And Islam For

Why We Need To Stop Blaming Muslims And Islam For Terrorism

Barack Obama called for "collective introspection" in the Muslim community after the Paris attacks. He said that Muslims all over the world must ask "serious questions" on how extremist ideologies have taken root. A call for introspection and taking stock of a situation is a good thing, but by putting that responsibility squarely on the Muslim community, he has deepened the growing chasm of misunderstanding between Muslims and the rest of the world.
28/12/2015 8:16 AM IST
10 Things Every Aspiring Politician Must

10 Things Every Aspiring Politician Must Do

There is no glory in being part of the everyday crowd -- the hamsters who can't see beyond the blur of their wheels. Consider a career in Indian politics! It will change your life! After all, one doesn't enter politics to change the lives of others. However, it isn't easy for a newcomer in Indian politics. If you are the son/daughter of a politician, stop reading this article and go back to planning your next holiday. If you aren't, here are a few tips to make it in this promising business.
21/10/2015 8:30 AM IST
You're Wrong If You Think Chetan Bhagat Isn't ‘Good

You're Wrong If You Think Chetan Bhagat Isn't ‘Good Enough'

It was interesting to notice the reactions of the audience when Chetan Bhagat stepped on stage at a literature event recently. Most people were fans and cheered vociferously. Others snorted and muttered in dissatisfaction. <em>"Who invited him?"</em> whispered one lady. <em>"They allow anybody these days, don't they?"</em> mused another. <em>"How did he become so famous?"</em> wondered a kurta-clad gentleman. <em>"He should be banned!"</em> spat an elderly man, drawing murmurs of support. (Banning anything seems to be in vogue.) This got me thinking.
08/10/2015 8:16 AM IST
Why the Wagah Border Ceremony Makes No Sense To

Why the Wagah Border Ceremony Makes No Sense To Me

Why do we really need this ceremony? What mature purpose does it serve? It doesn't improve bilateral ties or the lives of people in both nations in any way. The regrettable part of this affair is that most people feel that they have done a good deed for their country by showing their "solidarity" to it.
16/09/2015 8:23 AM IST