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Jia Singh

Food & wellness consultant, paleo chef and freelance writer and blogger

Jia Singh is a Delhi based food and wellness consultant and freelance features writer. She writes for her blog and numerous print and digital magazines in India and overseas. She enjoys writing about food, travel and the wellness industry, and runs Petite Sweet Eats, a health food initiative that makes gluten free, low GI and paleo friendly treats accessible and affordable. She believes holistic wellness is attained one healthy choice at a time. <br> <br> To connect with Jia, add her on twitter- @gia1387 or instagram- Jiasingh. Her website can be accessed at- <br> Her blog is titled Wandering for Wellness and is available online at
Diary Of An Exercise

Diary Of An Exercise Addict

Exercise is meant to add years to your life, make you look younger and your body stronger but if you can't enjoy life's many simple pleasures because of all the time you are spending in the gym--you need to rethink your stance.
05/01/2015 8:01 AM IST