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Jay Poudyal

Creator, Photographer at Stories of Nepal

Jay Poudyal is the creator of the popular blog in Nepal called Stories of Nepal. For the past three years, he has travelled to rural and remote villages in Nepal and shared stories of an everyday Nepali from these communities. His stories are human stories of struggle, hopes, aspirations, social ills and memories. Poudyal’s blog and stories has been published in numerous national and international newspapers and magazines. Poudyal also worked towards providing relief to the survivors of the Nepal Earthquake 2015 which took over 9000 lives. He works towards connecting people who need help and who can help through his blog. Poudyal also works as a freelance photographer focusing mostly on portraits of rural Nepalese.
The Quiet Resilience Of Nepali Women

The Quiet Resilience Of Nepali Women [Photoblog]

It is remarkable to witness how many women who did not receive proper education have understood that it is the only tool that can liberate their children from the life of oppression they have endured. Today, in many villages in Nepal, a mother plays a pivotal role in educating not only her sons but also her daughters.
15/07/2016 6:46 PM IST
The Beauty Of Moving On: Stories From Barpak, Nepal's Earthquake Epicentre

The Beauty Of Moving On: Stories From Barpak, Nepal's Earthquake Epicentre [Photos]

Recently, I travelled to Barpak where I walked around with my camera and talked to the locals and listened to their personal stories -- of hope and hopelessness, loss, sorrow, courage and the earthquake. Some made me cry, some made me laugh. These stories also gave me a broader understanding of how life must move on. Here are some moments from my journey.
27/01/2016 8:12 AM IST