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Javed Abidi

Global Chair of Disabled People’s International

Javed Abidi is the Global Chair of Disabled People’s International, the world’s first human rights based cross-disability disabled people’s organisation with membership in over 120 countries across seven regions of the world. He is a renowned disability rights activist and a passionate advocate for ‘Nothing About Us, Without Us’.

Why Policymakers Should Address The Unique Issues Faced By The Disabled In The Global South

For the 800 million disabled people in the Global South, the Convention will not be implemented in Geneva, New York, or Brussels alone. It will have to be implemented for that last person living in the remotest village in these countries. If national and local leaders are not advocating for these rights that CRPD enshrines, then mere ratification of the Convention will not amount to anything.
11/04/2016 7:16 PM IST